We’ve Moved! …Well, Sort Of!

Well howdy everybody!  We here at The Closet Nerd Network have been going through some changes.  If you haven’t noticed, all of our movies are now being embedded through blip.tv instead of YouTube.  This change in video hosting site means a few things for us:

1) All our videos will now include advertisements (hooray for a teensy bit of revenue!).
2) We will be able to post episodes as one video instead of several parts because blip.tv doesn’t have the 15-minute limit that YouTube does.
3) We have our own snazzy, new, custom video player (oooooo….).

Also we have a new idea and direction for “Two Sides of the Same Coin” episodes and how they will be conducted.  For now this will be a secret, but with our next video upload we will (hopefully) be including a little something extra that we hope y’all will enjoy.  If y’all like it then we’ll continue to do it with each TSotSC review.

Anywhosit, you can check out our blip.tv channel at http://blip.tv/theclosetnerdnetwork, and don’t forget to look for more upgrades to the site in the coming weeks ahead.


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