Everything Is Insane And Hectic

So, yeah… haven’t updated here in a while.  Sorry about that.  We haven’t quit or anything.  Promise.

Everything in the non-internety-reviewish parts of our lives are just BLEARGH right now.  I’m finally done with school (woo and stuff!).  Like, for good.  Well…. as far as I’ve planned, which is the past week, which has been great and school-free, but the future?  I dunno.  I have also found a couple of part-time job-like activities that will provide me with currency in exchange for my time, talents, and skills, which I am beyond cool with.

As for Brighton… well… she is – how do you say? – SWAMPED!!  Good Lord does she have the everything to do right now!  Every day is just a gauntlet of “ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap”, followed by a half-hour of breaking down at the apartment, and then picking right the hell back up with grad school nonsense.  But she’s been like that since she was in utero (I assume as much at least).  As long as I’ve known her she’s been full-throttle, twenty things going on at once, don’t have time to sleep, gogogogogogo!  So, at least she’s consistent with the pacing of her life, but I get exhausted just from catching proximal waves of insanity that fire off from her as she rushes from one project to the next.

That girl needs a vacation.  Badly.  Like, hella badly.

In the realm of things that don’t pertain to our IRL lives, we should be putting a new TSotSC review and skit next week.  Also, I am working on a rather overwhelming project that will keep me busy for quite some time.  I don’t want to say what it is yet (unless I already have in a previous post, in which case, yep – that’s what it is), but it should be ridiculous.  Y’all will hopefully get the first installment in early November.  “Why early November?” you ask.  Because a vital cable that I need for this project should be arriving in late October (yay free-but-slooooow shipping on ebay!).  If it shows up sooner, then the whole rigamarole will start sooner.

Anywho – until next time!


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