Free Spirit Or Wastrel?

Today while walking around a shopping center with a friend, I noticed a particularly peculiar stretch of sidewalk:

Foreman Silly-pants must've had some spare concrete.

I don’t understand this design.  At all.  There is absolutely NO REASON for this sidewalk to look the way it does.  None of the trees are positioned in such a way that one would have to construct a path around them ( the trees were probably planted after the sidewalk was installed).  There are no gardens or benches or any other such attractions back here to enjoy.  In fact, this walkway is at the far end of the shopping center, almost to the back of the whole complex.  Who is going to see this unique path if it’s so far out of the way?  What patrons of this market place will wander so far from the attractions and shops near the center in order to admire this abnormality (well, aside from us, but we’re rather odd)?

It doesn’t make any sense!  It doesn’t save any vegetation because the design actually uses more concrete.  This also makes the path’s distance longer, thereby taking more time to traverse.  What happened back here?  Is this the signature of the landscape architect that was paid to draw up the plans – a single squiggly line of sidewalk off in the forgotten corner of the vast city of shops and boutiques that allows him to say “See that there?  I did that”?

Just… what the hell, people?!

There: fixed it for ya'!


One response to “Free Spirit Or Wastrel?

  1. See, it actually was just the drunk night-shift guy. They were trying to shave off time (as is obvious by the lax job) and so while most night guys were OK to use, they had to put that one drunkard somewhere. So they put him in the back, where noone would see him screw up, and called it done. For some reason.

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