Broken Xbox360

Just a quick heads-up about a couple of things.

First off, remember that new series that Brighton and I started a while back called “The Halo Files”?  The one where we were planning to play through all the co-op missions together?

Yeah, well… our Xbox360 is being really lame.  It has this problem called the “Open Tray error” where the laser won’t read any kind of disc (game, music, movie) AND won’t even recognize that a disc is in the drive.  Now, I’ve taken the system apart and readjusted the laser strength once already (which sounds a whole helluva lot cooler than it actually is), and I am not looking forward to having to do that again.  Also, I really don’t want to send it off to Microsoft for them to fix it because that costs money, and I don’t have a bunch of that just laying around to be spent.  So (hopefully) I can open it up again without breaking anything and (hopefully) fix it again and (hopefully) it will stay fixed this time.  (We’re very hopeful around here.)

Secondly, I have a new series idea in the making.  It is a video game series that might have a slightly different feel from our “Let’s Play”s and has a definite beginning and end already planned out.  Also, it will probably be updated more sporadically (yes – even more sporadically than our other videos) and the updates will probably have larger chunks of time between them.  I’m not going to shell out too much information right now because – as I said earlier – it’s still just an idea.  Nothing written in stone yet, but I would like to do it.

That about does it for info dumps and updates and whatnot.  There should be a new “Crash Course” video coming out either tomorrow or Monday, and hopefully we’ll get out and about so we can review another movie.  …And hopefully I can get our Xbox360 to work so we can film some more “Halo Files”.


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