The Move To YouTube

Whooo buddy, there’s a good bit going on behind the scenes right now.

We’re s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y but surely moving our old videos to our YouTube channel.  “Why are you going back to YouTube” you ask?  Well, for some reason our videos on just quit going to full screen.  We don’t know why. doesn’t know why.  Wordpress doesn’t know why.  But not being able to go full screen on our main site is kind of a drag and pretty silly-stupid, so we thought “Hey – let’s try getting a partner account again.”

And so, we applied for it again.  And what do you know – our request was accepted!  Yahoo!

You may recall that we were originally on YouTube when we first started making videos.  However, back then we were still under the “15 minute limit” rule, so most of our videos had to be spliced up into several parts in order to even get the whole thing online.  Now that we have a partner account, we can post videos longer than 15 minutes.  This means that shows like “Two Sides of the Same Coin” and “Crash Course” can go up as single videos.  Longer recordings (like our “Let’s Play!” videos) will still be chopped up for convenience, but we won’t have to turn them into tons of really short clips.

On top of simply moving our old library over to YouTube, we are learning all the ins and outs of how to include links in descriptions, add channel art, link sites to the account, etc.  It’s a big undertaking and will take us a while to comb through, but we think it will make multi-part videos better organized and easier to navigate through.

Now on to other news:

In the upcoming week we should have a few more parts added to our Tomb Raider “Let’s Play!” series.  As of this post, one session is edited, divided up, and ready to be uploaded.  The second session will be edited and uploaded some time later this week.

We believe we have our Xbox360 up and running again.  Matthew pulled the whole thing apart again and adjusted the intensity and width of the laser until he found a setting that allowed the drive to read the disk.  Hopefully the drive won’t screw up again, which means we can jump headlong into adding more episodes to “The Halo Files”.

That seems to be about it for now.  Stay tuned to the site (or our swanky new YouTube channel) for updates coming at you this week!


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