YouTube Can Shove It

Welp… this blows.

We’ve been getting copyright notices on YouTube for our videos even though everything we do is protected under Fair Use.  Because of this, as of right now we can’t upload any videos longer than 15 minutes to the channel.  And – in case you didn’t notice – all of our videos are over 15 minutes.

To make matters worse, we can’t just go back to uploading our stuff to because we’ve been inactive on that site for so long that our account has been closed.

We have challenged all of the pings against our channel’s videos, and we’re pretty sure that the verdict will come back in our favor, but that could take up to a month to decide.  In the meantime, we will be searching for a temporary (or if YouTube continues to be a bitch, permanent) video hosting site to use so that we can at least keep updating the site.  As of right now, we have three videos recorded and ready to be edited, and I’m still slugging my way through old “Crash Course” episodes to finish the write-ups.

So just sit tight and hope that we find a usable site to move to, and while you’re waiting enjoy some write-ups that should be popping up periodically.


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