Crash Course (ep. 20) – Blocks That Matter

“Blocks That Matter” is a puzzle-platformer that combines a two-dimensional world influenced by “Minecraft” with Pajitnovian physics (i.e. the ability to create four-block figures called “tetrominos”, named after the creator of “Tetris”, Alexey Pajitnov).

Also I am dumb and impatient… you’ll see why in the first stage of the game.


Two Sides of the Same Coin (ep. 20) – Frozen

After a long marital-related hiatus, we’re back to review the most recent beloved Disney film.  But after hearing several critics, friends, and family members sing its praises, we walked away feeling let down by the terrible plot and illogical character decisions and can’t “let it go” just because it’s a children’s movie.

Lost In Time And Space

Woooaah, maaan… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s been quite a busy time for Brighton and me – wedding planning, the actual wedding, moving, jobs, school, friends and family visiting – so we haven’t had much of a break to sit down and do anything for the site.

But that being said, we do have some ideas for a few new things we could do.  As with previous plans I’ve had, I won’t divulge them now in case we don’t wind up doing them (I don’t wanna let anyone down with broken promises, yaknowhatimean?), but these seem a bit more reasonable than some of my past grandiose schemes.

Anyway, just checking in, saying we haven’t abandoned the site, and letting y’all know that we should have some new stuff up by the beginning of June.