Let’s Play… (ep. 19) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part II

A full year has passed since Matthew and Jason fought to restore order to four of the eight kingdoms in Mushroom World. Will these heroic partners be too rusty to complete their task and save Princess Toadstool? Or is something more sinister lying in wait for them in the clouds above?


Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 36) – 30 Minutes Or Less

This comedy almost kills itself in the opening scenes with its unlikable characters and very odd plot points, but once the bomb is planted it turns into a wild, fun ride. Mostly.

Not On Speaking Terms

So, for some reason WordPress and Dailymotion are not getting along.  Any time we try to embed a video in a blog post it just leaves a big blank space where the video should be (as you can clearly see in the numerous examples around the site).

I don’t know what caused this, or who foolishly updated what line of code to break everything, but our options at this particular moment are:

1) Wait until everything (hopefully) gets fixed and just keep posting our videos to Dailymotion
2) Move aaaall of our videos to a different host… again

I’d very much rather do option number one.  So for the time being, we’re going to be waddling through the motions and posting stuff as normal.  If you can’t see a video, just click the link at the top of the site to visit our page on Dailymotion to watch it there.  If things don’t revert in a month or so, then I guess we’ll have to pack it all up and move somewhere else that can play nice.

Dunno if that move will be away from WordPress or from Dailymotion.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 34) – Tower Heist

This January we are giving full reviews to movies that we only saw previews for in previous episodes. “Tower Heist” initially looked like a goofy, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny parody of films like “Ocean’s Eleven”, but it is actually played more straight-laced and stands up fairly well on its own.