Just a quick update.

First and foremost: we still exist.  We’ve just been incredibly busy the past six weeks.  We bought a house, packed, moved, went on two back-to-back weekend trips – we’re drained.  But we’ll be putting up some stuff some time this week.

Secondly: new types of new stuff in the works!  Some things are finished; some things are close to being finished.  But still, we’re working and innovating and synergizing and [BUZZWORD #403-B NOT FOUND] to let off some creative steam with which you can use to exfoliate and cleanse your pent-up, entertainment-deprived pores.

(… That analogy kinda’ got away from me there for a bit.)

So sit tight and enjoy that last little bit of anticipation-fueled excitement!  Won’t be much longer now….


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