Story Time Podcast (ep. 1) – RTX 2015


recorded: August 10, 2015
featuring: Matthew, Brighton

Matthew and Brighton discuss the impetuses behind creating The Closet Nerd Network, their time spent at RTX 2015, and issues with a new house.


RTX 2015
Rooster Teeth
Channel Awesome
Anniversary Theme List
Doom hell portal
Ray Navaraez Jr.
Tina Dayton
Exhibition Hall Line
Faraday Cage
RTX Guardians
Deuce McAllister
Geeks Who Drink
Cards Against Humanity Line
Sue Grafton
Charlaine Harris
Dresden Files
Houdini Hole at Paramount Theater
Video Game Orchestra
Barenaked Ladies
Jeff Williams
Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple vs. Legends of the Hidden Tower
Brighton with signed Tower of Pimps
Secret of Mana
Spectrum of Mana
Alamo Draft House Theater
Train Wreck
Towerfall Ascension
Animals as Leaders
Between the Buried and Me
The Contortionist


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