Pump The Brakes

The past few months have been extremely productive for the site.

We’ve been consistently putting out three or four videos each week since January, and really production started ramping up for us last October after we bought our house and kinda’ settled in a bit.  We’ve taken on new projects with our podcast and starting Rose-Tinted Reviews to flash back to earlier Star Wars media, and we’ve continued making movie reviews and let’s plays as well.

But while this site is fun for us, it’s not a necessity for our lives.

This (unfortunately) isn’t our job – we do this primarily to have a creative outlet.

So when things get hectic for us, and we start getting worn out with what we do for the site on top of our jobs and friends and family and trips and illnesses and all that – well, something’s got to take a hit in order for us to have some time to relax.
In order for us to have some time to breathe.
In order for us to have some time to enjoy media without having to be entertaining or analytical in front of a camera or microphone.
To be able to turn off our brains.

Now, all that being said, this is NOT the end of the site!

But! – things are going to slow back down here for a while.  Probably back to the way things were with releasing two videos a week – a movie review and a let’s play (with the occasional third post in there every so often, like a podcast or tv review).

One thing that is going to be completely cut for the time being is Crash Course.  I’ve gotten more behind on finishing games and completing write-ups than I ever have before, so I think it’s time to play catch up there without also piling on more episodes and more games for me to invariably ignore and leave incomplete.  Once I get more caught up with my written reviews then I’ll probably slowly and sporadically start filming and releasing new episodes again.

So, as I said before – we’re not done.  We’re not quitting.  We’re not leaving.

We’re just resting.

Thank you for all of your support in what we do here.  More of it is coming your way soon.


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