Let’s Play… (ep. 55) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part VIII

Matthew has been training and leveling up his team to deal with the horde of restless trainers aboard the S.S. Anne. But will his pokémon’s newfound strengths be enough to take down the fierce electric gym leader, Lt. Surge?


Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 94) – Cutthroat Island

Problematic production, re-casting, re-writing, re-shooting, incoherent plot, flat characters, lifeless on-screen chemistry, countless near-death experiences with nary a scratch….

There’s a reason this movie bankrupted a production company, holds the record for largest box office bomb, and made pirate movies laughably unprofitable for nearly a decade.

Let’s Play… (ep. 54) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part VII

After achieving his second gym victory, Matthew plans to head south towards the port town of Vermilion City – home to the electric gym leader, Lt. Surge! But before he tries to acquire another badge, he must first explore the surrounding fields and caves to collect new Pokémon to add to his arsenal.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 93) – The 13th Warrior

An epic tale of of guts and glory starring a Spaniard playing an Arab fighting alongside of vikings against a hoard of savage bear-people. All crammed into 100 minutes.

This is going to be one of those high-speed kind of train wrecks.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 91) – 500 Days Of Summer

A movie about the spectrums of expectation, energy, obsession, joy, and commitment that exist in a single relationship. Also an example of how frustrating it can be when the two people in said relationship are on opposite ends of those spectrums but ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO COMMUNICATE TO ONE ANOTHER.