Down, But Not Out


Just checking in – it’s been a while since a video or anything got posted here, really.

The reason for that is because my graphics card bit the dust.  It was a struggle to get my computer running again with basic video drivers just so I could see my desktop, but there’s no way I can get enough performance out of it to do any sort of video editing or recording.

(Perfect timing, right?)

However, I can say that the Super Mario Bros. 3 let’s play is completed, and the finale was edited before this whole thing happened.  That video will be uploaded some time this week, bringing that series to a close.

I also finished my Pokemon Red Nuzlocke run and have all of the audio and video recordings completed and saved.  Once I get a new graphics card then I can tackle the massive back-log of episodes that I have for that series.

We’re still kinda twiddling our thumbs about the final two movie reviews.  I mean, sure – we could still watch the movies, film the reviews, and then simply edit the episodes later.  … In fact, we really should just go ahead an knock that out.  Hmmm….

And I guess (in the same vein) we could watch and film the Attack On Titan reviews, too.

(Just gotta get that motivation….)

The final item on the list is the Minecraft let’s play which is just… NOT going to happen right now.  That one has to wait on the new card.

So, yeah… stick with us a bit longer for some sense of finality and closure.

And thank-you all, once again, for hanging out with us during this little experiment!


Let’s Play… (ep. 60) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part VIII

The last remaining obstacles are a mysterious fortress with twisting, winding paths and Bowser’s tank battalion. The castle is in their sight; the princess is just beyond their grasp. Can the brothers dispatch the last of King Koopa’s minions in a final dash to his lair?