Two Sides Of The Same Coin (ep. 98) – Paprika

Today’s film has shown up in several Reddit threads for movie suggestions in the past and has been cited as an influence for “Inception”. But is this a case where the spiritual successor does a better job with the concept than the source? Or is the original far and away superior to the unnecessary rehash?


Let’s Play… (ep. 58) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part VI

After countless years of wandering the Mushroom World, the brothers finally reach Bowser’s homeland – a hellish landscape filled with his greatest warriors and fighting machines. Will the duo finally be able to rescue the princess?

Story Time Podcast ep. 13 – The Beginning Of The End


recorded: August 21, 2016
featuring: Matthew, Brighton

Matthew and Brighton sit down to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the site, to reminisce about past projects and episodes, to discuss their plans for winding the site down, and to talk a bit about what’s happened in the last four months.


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