Let’s Play… (ep. 63) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part XII

After a brief shopping spree, Matthew is ready to begin unraveling the mysterious plans of Team Rocket, who have established a hideout underneath the slot machine den.


Let’s Play… (ep. 62) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part XI

Matthew travels west from Lavender Town to the bustling metropolis of Celadon City to stock up on special items and try his hand at yet another gym badge. But what schemes does the nefarious Team Rocket have in store below this city’s surface?

Let’s Play… (ep. 61) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part IX

It’s time to end this once and for all….


Let’s Play… (ep. 60) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part VIII

The last remaining obstacles are a mysterious fortress with twisting, winding paths and Bowser’s tank battalion. The castle is in their sight; the princess is just beyond their grasp. Can the brothers dispatch the last of King Koopa’s minions in a final dash to his lair?


Let’s Play… (ep. 59) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part VII

After numerous attempts, the brothers finally manage to push through the blockade in the outlying wasteland and delve into a sinister land of darkness and misery. Things aren’t looking good for our heroes. Can they find a way through to Bowser’s castle?


Let’s Play… (ep. 58) – Super Mario Bros. 3, Part VI

After countless years of wandering the Mushroom World, the brothers finally reach Bowser’s homeland – a hellish landscape filled with his greatest warriors and fighting machines. Will the duo finally be able to rescue the princess?


Let’s Play… (ep. 57) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part X

Step by step Matthew continues to make his way through Rock Tunnel in hopes of one day stumbling out the other side and seeing the sun again.