Let’s Play… (ep. 63) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part XII

After a brief shopping spree, Matthew is ready to begin unraveling the mysterious plans of Team Rocket, who have established a hideout underneath the slot machine den.


Let’s Play… (ep. 57) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part X

Step by step Matthew continues to make his way through Rock Tunnel in hopes of one day stumbling out the other side and seeing the sun again.

Let’s Play… (ep. 55) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part VIII

Matthew has been training and leveling up his team to deal with the horde of restless trainers aboard the S.S. Anne. But will his pokémon’s newfound strengths be enough to take down the fierce electric gym leader, Lt. Surge?

Let’s Play… (ep. 54) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part VII

After achieving his second gym victory, Matthew plans to head south towards the port town of Vermilion City – home to the electric gym leader, Lt. Surge! But before he tries to acquire another badge, he must first explore the surrounding fields and caves to collect new Pokémon to add to his arsenal.

Let’s Play… (ep. 51) – Pokémon Red: Nuzlocke Challenge, Part VI

On the outskirts of Cerulean City lives an eccentric Pokémon aficionado that is in a bit of a pickle. After rescuing him and receiving a generous reward, Matthew heads back into town to try his luck at gaining a second badge from water gym leader Misty.